Thrice a Broken Oath Excerpt

Chapter One- Noah

When the lights shone in the sky, death usually followed. Or at least, that’s what they said outside the gates. A pointless exaggeration to incite fear and pride to the people of the city. Noah scoffed as he leaned against his windowsill, staring up into the night sky with anxious anticipation for what might follow. The lights were a ghastly mix of purple and white tonight, a wave of ripples scorching along the barrier that protected the city of Nathe. He hadn’t seen that shade in the three years since the lights had plagued the city, and it came with an entirely new air of uncertainty. Would this be the night the lights would break through? 

There were people in the street doing the same thing. Shadowed crowds huddled together with their loved ones as they looked up at the sky, waiting. A quick look down into the courtyard told Noah his father was nowhere to be found; neither was his mother. Father never usually bothered himself with such things after all, and mother would have obediently stayed by his side. His younger siblings were there though, standing in the shadows of the Rose Gazebo, no doubt having sneaked out to observe. 

A pulse of magic shot through the air, and Noah adjusted his gaze. The lights were brighter now, and hotter, the vibrations ringing dully in the air around him. There was a moment of quiet, and for that moment, Noah allowed the shred of fear to curl higher in his stomach. Then the lights vanished, leaving behind a cloudless night sky. 

Cheers rang out. A wave of relief snuffed out the fear in Noah’s stomach as he dropped his head into his hands. Nathe had once more warded off the Great Evil that plagued the country. Now they could go back to their lives of blissful oblivion, safe behind the wards. The war didn’t affect them here after all. 

The crowds left the street, his brother and sisters headed back into the house. But Noah stayed, staring out across the great city; from the harbour that never seemed to sleep, orbs of magic light glittering in the distance, to the Great Temple on the cliff side that seemed to shine every moment of the day. Tomorrow, Noah would put on his mask and parade himself in front of the city like a fool. But now, it was time to rest.