My Projects

YA Fantasy

Thrice a Broken Oath

Noah has a problem. He’s the first and only person in his family born without magic. And that is unacceptable. Unwanted and unloved, but kept for appearance’s sake, all he wants is magic of his own.

Tassja has a problem. She’s living in a world firmly set in tradition, when all she wants to do is leave it behind. Held back and held down by rules and a lack of faith, all she wants is to prove herself, her way.

Seffy has a problem. She’s stuck in the body of a priestess. She has things to do dammit, and these two idiots have ruined everything. All she wants is to…well. That’s a secret. But maybe she can make the situation work in her favour.


YA Urban Fantasy

Beneath the Hawthorn Lies

Kinley is a fairy, until she isn’t. Her monotone life of schedules and forced smiles as a favourite of the Fae Queen Orlaith comes screeching to a halt when she finds out she’s really a human. With the secret uncovered, and the dangerous knowledge of the Queen’s ghastly past, Kinley is forced to escape and ends up in a place filled with more horrors than UnderErth- the human world.

But Kinley still isn’t safe. Not with Queen Orlaith doing everything she can to bring Kinley home. So she is left with a choice. Keep running until the danger has passed, or stand and fight.


YA Paranormal Fantasy

Of Stars and Smoke and Other Intangible Things

The most interesting thing in Tala’s life are the nights she steals frrom the dead. But everything changes when she bumps into Anaica, a fake psychic who is no longer a fake. A vision of the future attempts to pull the two together. But fate causes not only their lives, but the lives of three others to come crashing together. Now this group of strangers have no choice but to work together, as a mysterious man in black manipulates things from the ever growing shadows.

Anaica saw the end of the world, and Tala is at the heart of it. Fate demands they stop it from happening. Whatever the cost.


MG Magical Realism

The Abingdon House Series

Hazel Cooper though the worst thing that could happen to her was losing to Suzy at their cross country meet. Then she was attacked by a wizard, and changed her mind. She finds out that Grace Abingdon is dead, and that she is the rightful heir to Abingdon House- one of the five, great Magical houses in the city.

But the other Heads aren’t pleased, and decide that Hazel needs to prove her worth. They give her three trials, each more difficult than the last. If Hazel can complete them all, Abingdon House is hers. If she fails even one, she will lose it forever.

Hazel accepts the challenge. But she didn’t anticipate the sabotage. Hazel must now complete the trials and uncover the mystery behind the attempts on her life, before she runs out of time.